AviTec  - Minimizing the impact of onshore wind turbines on birds and the environment




Our profile


AviTec's originates back to the pioneering Bird Impact Assessment of the 2MW Tjaereborg Wind Turbine in Denmark (1987-1990).


AviTec builds on more than 20 years experience from Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranian, as well as numerous Biodiversity Conservation Projects (BCP) world wide.


Our methodologies are continuously improved, based on experiences gained from our involvement in field projects, and cooperation with clients and research, in e.g. Sweden, Netherlands and Poland.


Through the AviTec Monitoring System we are able to provide professional services and conduct third party verification to wind farm developers, with Europe as our main area of operation.


Our unique working approach is designed around science-based standards, and best practises from the field, and is aimed at securing stable wind farm operation.


We co-operate with a wide international network of field specialists, NGOs and universities.







































We provide

... a standardised and science-based working approach.