AviTec  - Minimizing the impact of onshore wind turbines on birds and the environment




Technological solutions


We continuously keep track of state-of-art technological solutions to support effective monitoring and mitigation measures.


Due to our active involvement in field projects as well as direct contact to research experiments and technology engineers, we are able to identify the best available technologies and suppliers for the benefit of the client.


For monitoring

The use of radar in impact monitoring was introduced to a handful of field projects in Europe and USA early 1990’es, including the 2MW Tjaereborg EIA in Denmark. Today there are different systems and opinions about the costs and benefits of using technology for surveillance and early warning systems.   


To mitigate impact

Technologies such as GPS, WIFI, movement sensors, radio telemetry, satellite tracking, radar beaming etc. have opened a wide range of technological solutions to mitigate disturbance effects and collision risks at wind farms.


We are currently focusing on technologies and methodologies, which can optimize bird strike control. As more technologies become available, we believe that focus will shift towards reducing overall cost per unit. In the meantime more research and field testing is required, so the best available technology can prove itself.




































Radio telemetry

... is effective for tracking individual birds, bats .a.o.